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Rapid City DUI Lawyer Assists Accused Drivers

Skilled representation for charges of operating a vehicle under the influence in Western South Dakota

Drunk driving arrests often catch people by surprise. The Law Office of Jamy Patterson, L.L.C. in Rapid City is always available to represent those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. Many of these cases arise from improper stops or botched sobriety tests. With my experience, I know the signs of a shaky prosecution and can put that to your advantage. South Dakota law also prohibits driving while under the influence of controlled substances or even prescription drugs. Proof can be more complicated in these cases, and I can help ensure that your rights are not being violated. Whatever your particular circumstances involve, I will fight to protect you and pinpoint errors of law enforcement.

Knowledgeable advice on legal blood alcohol content (BAC) standards

Criminal charges arising out of drunk driving allegations often turn on the results of BAC readings obtained from blood tests. For most South Dakota drivers, one is considered legally intoxicated when their BAC is .08 or higher. There are exceptions, though. At The Law Office of Jamy Patterson, I provide informed counsel on issues particular to each case.

A good defense attorney knows that there are flaws in the tests that measure alcohol or drugs in a driver’s system. The law enforcement officer might administer the test incorrectly, or the reading might be corrupted due to manufacturing or handling errors. Certain foods or medicines might alter results as well. At The Law Office of Jamy Patterson, I will investigate to pinpoint any ways in which the test was corrupted.

Defending clients faced with potentially severe DUI penalties

Sentences for DUI convictions can include license suspension, fines and even jail time on a first offense. In cases where no accident occurred and the driver does not have a record, I can advocate for a reckless driving charge, which carries a lighter punishment. When appropriate, I advocate for a sentence that focuses on treating an alcohol or drug problem as opposed to strictly punitive measures. If you have been convicted of a DUI offense in the past ten years and are facing new charges, I can provide the strong legal support you need. Multiple offenders face more severe sanctions, including felony charges, even if no damage occurred.

Contact a tough Rapid City DUI defense attorney for a free initial consultation

Rapid City criminal defense attorney Jamy Patterson represents clients accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and in other criminal law matters throughout Western South Dakota. Call (605) 519-5862 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.