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Aggressive Rapid City criminal defense lawyer

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Rapid City Criminal Defense Attorney Battles for Clients’ Rights

A strong, diligent advocate for people facing prosecutions in South Dakota

If your freedom is threatened by criminal charges, you need a motivated attorney to stand up for your rights. At the Rapid City Law Office of Jamy Patterson, L.L.C., I will fight for you. Whether you are charged with homicide, rape, DUI or simple assault, I leave no stone unturned when challenging police and prosecutors. I have the experience you need to battle for a positive outcome and have helped obtain not guilty verdicts and other favorable results for my clients. People have referred to me as a pit bull because of my tenacious defense in the courtroom. No matter what type of accusation you face, I am a top criminal lawyer in Rapid City who will bring that tenacity and experience to your defense case.

Trustworthy counsel who gives clients the respect they deserve

I have represented clients successfully in cases that have received significant attention in western South Dakota. Whether or not your matter grabs the headlines, the outcome can change the course of your life. I understand what’s at stake for every client I defend, and that’s why all clients benefit from my:

  • Real-world experience — Before starting my practice, I worked as a law clerk and a public defender, so I know that law enforcement and prosecutors frequently make errors. I can identify those mistakes to ensure that they do not prejudice your case.
  • Personalized attention — The criminal justice system is harsh and impersonal. At The Law Office of Jamy Patterson, I know that every client has a story much deeper and richer than one alleged incident. I take the time to learn about you so that prosecutors, judges and juries will see the complete picture.
  • Caring assistance — I became an attorney to help people and see no greater chance for service than upholding the rights of those who have been accused of crimes.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense or believe you might be, we can speak during a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and how a case might proceed.

Western South Dakota lawyer defending against all criminal allegations

Clients trust The Law Office of Jamy Patterson to deliver aggressive advocacy for any type of criminal law charge, including:

  • Felonies — Serious charges demand a serious lawyer to protect your rights. I represent clients in felony matters, including homicide and rape.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs — Many mistakes can occur when someone is pulled over on suspicion of DUI, including legal overreach and testing failures. If you’re facing a drunk driving accusation, I have the ability to help you confront the authorities.
  • Drug crimes — Slight variations in amount and intent can lead to vastly different outcomes in drug crime prosecutions. The Law Office of Jamy Patterson defends people in possession and distribution cases.
  • Burgary – From petty theft to robbery, those charged with stealing can benefit from having a former public defender on your side who knows what types of defense will work best.
  • Assault – When you are accused if assault or battery, having an experienced lawyer at your side can make a big difference. I will discuss your options for a strong defense.

For any criminal count and no matter what alleged evidence might exist, I will fight for you and never give up.

Contact a tough Rapid City criminal defense attorney for a free initial consultation

The Law Office of Jamy Patterson, L.L.C. represents clients in criminal law matters throughout western South Dakota. Call (605) 519-5862 or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.